Headstrong in Song with Ali Rigg


Do you know someone living with a neurological condition such as Parkinson’s, Stroke, Dementia, MS, Brain Injury, etc?

Singing improves mood and overall health.

Singing familiar songs in a fun and stimulating group helps: 

  • Release ‘feel good’ chemicals
  • Boost the immune system 
  • Exercise the respiratory system
  • Flex the brain 


Dalton Community Centre – 21 Nelson Street, Dalton-in-Furness, Cumbria LA15 8AF

1:30pm Refreshments and social time.

2pm – 3pm Singing led by Ali Rigg, followed by more refreshments.

For more information call Ali on 07812 155104 sing@alirigg.net

Ali Rigg is regarded as one of Cumbria’s top authorities on leading therapeutic singing groups for those with neurological conditions. With 9 years’ experience, she is widely respected for the quality of her sessions and her commitment to best practice.

Whether you believe you can sing or not, the benefits of joining a singing group are proven to be significant.

Singing popular songs, combined with the use of stimulating equipment such as beanbags, parachute and percussion, can help slow down the progression of neurological conditions.

In some cases it can help improve areas such as co-ordination and speech.

Most of all, it gives a positive social activity with a long term feel good factor!

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