Dalton Fun Palaces

Fun Palaces is coming to Dalton on 7 & 8 October

Dalton Community Centre, 21 Nelson Street, Dalton-in-Furness, LA15 8AF 

Dalton Creatives are holding a Fun Palaces weekend in October in Dalton Community Centre. It is a family-friendly weekend of fun arts, science and upcycling with a bit of something for everyone.

Shaun Blezard Director of Dalton Creatives said “This is going to be such a great weekend in Dalton, we are all so excited. I’ve been a fan of Fun Palaces since they started in 2014 and the ethos of culture by, for and with all. That everyone an artist, everyone a scientist.”

The first Dalton Fun Palaces weekend brings together a host of local people giving their time free to the community with all the organisations involved having a link to Dalton.

Shaun enthused “It is amazing that we have such a wide breadth of skills and such talented people living in our community. To be able to come and build something from Lego, try out a brass instrument, help write a poem that will be in loads of shop windows in town, learn to make things from scrap and play Dalton Whispers with Sound Mirrors! What’s not to like!! And it’s FREE!!”

Dalton Fun Palaces is financially supported by Dalton with Newton Town Council who have made the event possible along with the participating organisations.


10am – 4pm Leonard Cheshire YouthAbility Lego & Minecraft
10am – 4pm Cat masks with Ulverston Scrap Store Plus
10am – 1pm Dalton Town Band Young Learners
11am – 12 noon & 2pm – 3pm Tales in Shop Windows with Sarah Miller (in partnership with Dalton LitFest)
10am – 4pm Breadboard Guitars with Octopus Collective
10am – 4pm Arts session with Dropzone

10am – 2pm Upcycling with Growth Therapy
10am – 3pm Sound Intervention present Sound Mirrors
12 noon – 1pm Tales in Shop Windows with Sarah Miller (in partnership with Dalton LitFest)
1:30pm – 2pm Peter Digs A Den with Amy Stretch-Parker
10am – 3pm Crafty Corner with Dalton Creatives
10am – 3pm Can U Fix it?

If you have something you think would be fun to do at the weekend let us know.

Who’s coming?

Leonard Cheshire YouthAbility Lego & Minecraft Come along and build the house, palace or home of your dreams using the best toy in the universe, Lego and for those who are interested in computers, we have Minecraft as well. Whatever your age you are welcome to join in.

Cat masks with Ulverston Scrap Store Plus Make your own Cat Mask using recyclable materials from the Scrap Store, with Alex And John. We provide a basic mask and a pile of fabric, paper, furry bits, fixings and other bits and pieces – you could bring your own materials too.

Dalton Town Band Young Learners Thinking of joining the Town Band? Fancy having a go on a brass instrument? Why no pop along on Saturday afternoon and meet Dalton Town Band and their Young Learners. You could find a whole different you in this great local band.

Tales in Shop Windows with Sarah Miller As part of the very first Dalton Literature Festival the festival is commissioning poet Sarah Miller to write a poem across the shop windows of Dalton. Sarah would love you to come and help her write a poem about the town.

Breadboard Guitars with Octopus Collective Want to try the Octopus Collective’s very special homemade guitars? Made from wooden chopping boards they make a great sound, and there’s a few of them so bring your friends and family and start a band. It was easy it was cheap go and do it!

Arts session with Dropzone Dropzone run the regular Youth Club in the Community Centre so we are very pleased they are coming along and running an arts session as part of Dalton Fun Palaces.

Upcycling with Growth Therapy Come and help Growth Therapy upcycle. Upcycling? also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

Sound Intervention present Sound Mirrors How quietly can you speak and still be heard? Explore the magic of sound waves with Sound Mirrors. Sound Mirrors enables audiences to throw their voices over long distances and explore the magic of sound waves. It is the brainchild of artist, musician, inventor and maker Dan Fox, founder of Sound Intervention.

Peter Digs A Den with Amy Stretch-Parker Reading of the book Peter Digs a Den. Exploring personal goals and what steps we can take to achieve them. How those goals impact those around us – are they kind? will they help others? What will we learn? What will your story be?

Dalton Creatives Crafty Corner Join Dalton Creatives crafters in the main hall for a day of craft, chat, knit, natter, spin yarn, share skills and ideas, have a go at some simple crafts. We welcome all crafters who fancy coming along for a bit of company, who want to show off their skills, try something new.

Who are Dalton Creatives?

Dalton Creatives are a group of creative thinkers and activists based in Dalton. They aim to be a catalyst in the local community; bringing people together in shared spaces with shared activity, delivering a range of art and community projects, both separately and in partnership with other local organisations and agencies.

Fun Palaces

In the early 1960s, Joan Littlewood and architect Cedric Price conceived the Fun Palace as a ‘laboratory of fun’ and ‘a university of the streets’. It was to be a temporary and movable home to the arts and sciences, open and welcoming to all. For many reasons it wasn’t possible in 1961 and the Fun Palace never came to fruition as a building. The idea however, of a space welcoming and open to all, bringing arts and sciences together, where everyone is an artist and everyone a scientist, remained a GREAT idea.

Co-Director Stella Duffy has written a blog post about the leap from the 1960s idea to now, and explaining how the campaign got going.

Fun Palaces is a movement campaigning for culture by, for and with all – with a firm belief that community belongs at the core of all culture – and an annual weekend of events, where arts, crafts, science, tech and digital are a catalyst for community engagement and full participation for everyone, from the grassroots up.